hi i'm slime, welcome to my cool webbed site!!!

just a loser in her mid twenties trying to carve a place for himself on the web
(currently feeling: The current mood of theslimezone at www.imood.com )

the ~SLIMEZONE~ is a way for me to practice css/html, share the interests i've had over the years (video games, kpop, horror, insects, sanrio, etc), and archive links and some other cool sites

this is all a MAJOR work in progress - stuff in the works is labeled like *this*, on hover or otherwise (any graphic creds also show up on hover) beware, my code is super messy!

BTW: this site is best viewed on DESKTOP and was designed for firefox at 1920x960! i'm still working on optimization/accessibility - warning for eyestrain and some flashing gifs, especially in the graphics page!! sry for any slow loading!

lmk if u link so i can link u back! sign my guestbook? ➜
thanks for stopping by! ♡