Story of Seasons:
A Wonderful Life

• Befriend Daryl in year 1 for a free seedmaker! He likes fish

• In SoS, giving money to Murrey/Pui gets you a special tool. In the other games, you get....nothing. Beware!

• A star bull (to breed with your starter cow) and a field of fruit trees will be your best friends the first year!!

• You can get insanely rich insanely fast if you sell banana or peach seeds from the seed maker. Bad news: it doesn't work past ANWL

• In AWL:SE, talk to the pots behind the harvest sprites 100 times (yes, really) to have a baby girl instead of a boy

• Before SoS, cows only give milk for a limited time, so breed ASAP! Your animals can also die - in SoS, animals can't even get sick. Phew!

• In ANWL, plug a controller into player 3 and press "Z" for x99 of random items

(my mom and I actually discovered this completely on accident - just don't have the blue feather in your inventory like we did!)

• Adding to the above, press "L/R" for $$$ - much faster

Tomato + W.Melon = Greetoma W.Melon + Melon = Melomelo Greetoma + Melomelo = crop 4
AKA Eggplant!
Grows summer-autumn
S grade sells at 1485g

W.Melon + Potato = Watato Melon + Turnip = Turnmelon Watato + Turnmelon = crop 38
AKA Pumpkin!
Grows winter-spring
S grade sells at 1760g

Grape + Peach = Greach
Grape + Orange = Grorange

Greach + Grorange = tree 5
AKA Green Apple!
Fruits in winter
S grade sells at 710g

• Tartan/Vinnie unlocks automatically year 2. Talk to him regularly to be friends

• You can directly mix seeds! Crop not necessary

• Sometimes it doesn't work. Save often & keep at it!

Harvest Moon (known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari) is a farming simulator and role-playing game. Its first North American release was for the SNES in 1997. The
franchise's most recent release was in 2023. That's over 25 years!

In 2013, HM's North American localizer Natsume Inc. split from the original
titles' publisher Marvelous and started making their own "Harvest Moon" games - similar in trademarked title alone. Now, Marvelous works with XSeed to localize their
games as Story of Seasons. To makes things easier, I'll only refer to the series as "Harvest Moon," simply disregarding the non-SoS titles after 2014.

In total, there are around 30 mainline games, including a few remakes. There are
also a couple spin-offs (including River King, Innocent Life, and Rune Factory). Some of my personal favorites include HM: Friends of Mineral Town, HM: Magical Melody, HM: Animal Parade, SoS: Trio of Towns, Rune Factory Frontier, and Rune Factory 4. My
all-time favorite, however, is Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life was released in the US for the Nintendo
Gamecube in 2004. A special edition was added to PS2 a year later. Then its female counterpart, Another Wonderful Life, was released. And as of just now(!) in 2023 we have its remake, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life!

So, I figured it's the perfect time to introduce people to this wonderful game ♡

In HM:AWL, you play as Mark. In HM:ANWL, you play as Pony.
You can always edit their name - and in the remake, you can also customize their appearance and pronouns. Originally, who you could marry was locked to the
version. Now, gender doesn't play a role. Woohoo!

(Note: some location names have changed,
but I'm going to default to the originals)

Celia / Cecilia
Kind and affectionate. Default bachelorette in Harvest Moon: AWL.
Location: Vesta's farm
Best gift: wildflowers
Child: well-rounded, most
likely to be a farmer

Muffy / Molly
Sweet and romantic. Gains bonus
affection when you change your look.

Location: Blue Bar
Best gift: flowers, coins
Child: energetic, most
likely to be an athlete

Aloof and tomboyish. In HM:AWL,
leaves town if you don't marry her.
Location: Inner Inn
Best gift: Trickblue
Child: sensitive, most
likely to be an artist

Shy and proper. Only romanceable in
HM:AWL special edition and SoS:AWL.

Location: Romana's villa
Best gift: eggs, Trickblue
Child: rebellious, most
likely to be a musician

Carefree and confident. Default
bachelor in Harvest Moon: ANWL.

Location: Inner Inn
Best gift: Toyflower
Child: outgoing, most
likely to be an athlete

Easygoing and free-spirited.
Often seen playing his guitar.

Location: Yurt
Best gift: wildflowers
Child: emotional, most
likely to be a musician

Cody / Gordy
Sentimental and thoughtful. Only
romanceable in Story of Seasons.

Location: Mobile home
Best gift: wildflowers
Child: calm, most
likely to be an artist

Marlin / Matthew
Reserved and hardworking. Initially
unfriendly because his health is poor.

Location: Vesta's farm
Best gift: Herbal soup
Child: withdrawn, most
likely to be a farmer

(Note: in SoS:AWL, your child's skintone can
change depending on the player character's, and
you can only have a girl in AWL:SE or SoS)

ushi no tane guides for
nearly every HM/SoS game
child career guide (made for HM:AWL, but still accurate)
gamefaqs for Another Wonderful Life forum(includes
info/guides on RF and IL)
SoS:AWL 100% guide
(wip) by LeadingCollar4710
Animal product and
hybrid crop guide
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have a quick guide
here (Note: names &
prices based on SOS)

• PeanutButterGamer's Harvest Moon videos
• Story of Seasons reddit
• Harvest Moon dialogue font
• SoS Nexus Mods page
(my mod recs below!)

Shite's AWL Texture Pack: reshade faithful to the original color palette
Gamecube-PS2 Music Restoration Project: so far, replaces Breeze, Quiet Winter, and the menu/title songs
Original Cow Sounds: what
it says - can you tell I'm nostalgic? they're iconic!
Recolored sheep: see above
Recolored brown cows: cute! this and the sheep one conflict, but I combined the files if anyone's interested
Do You Mine-d (A Dig Site
: gets Carter and Flora
out of the damn way!!
Cursor 50p Size

(Note: these are only
available for SoS:AWL)