hii this is slime!! this page is to explore another aesthetic I love aaaand to introduce a couple more things i love!

i also want to talk abt age regression

mine is 100% sfw, but if the idea still
makes you uncomfy, then feel free to click away

if not, then read on! thanks for visiting!

age regression is when a person reverts to
a younger state of mind as a coping mechanism. for
example, mine is mostly involuntary and a result of ptsd.
"age" ranges vary, but i regress to a toddler (~2-4 y/o)

age regression - or agere - isn't to be confused with age play! age play is a kink that involves sexual roleplay

some ppl in the agere community use the term "little" to describe themselves, but not all (spoiler: i do!)

i have an agere blog here

(my chronic illness ties a lot into
my littlespace so that'll be here too)