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Bonus list of my fave fics because this is my website and i can post whatever i want:

  • Concrete
    • "San is stock-still, too terrified to move. 'Uh- um. N-... No thank you,' he manages, gripping the paper towel in his hand. The man leans in, face coming into the light to reveal a calm smile. 'I wasn’t asking.'"
    • my latest fic uwu (ateez, nsfw - cw: cnc)
  • Finding Forever
    • "It was Mingi they saw first, and the five of them are determined to provide a forever home for all three hybrids. Together."
    • i normally think hybrid fics are so cringe-worthy but TRUST ME i reread this all the time it's so comforting (ateez, sfw)
  • My Treasure
    • again, cringey hybrids blah blah but the found family is too good to resist (ateez, sfw)
  • Rotate* for a Default
    • various fics - chronic illness (!!!), pining, hurt/comfort, etc, with parts that actually made me laugh out loud (ateez, sfw)
  • The Moscow Rules
    • "If once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern...Hongjoong isn't sure what to call the other times he and Yunho end up attached at the mouth."
    • best hongho fic i've ever read (ateez, sfw)
  • porn star in the sheets
    • "Piece of advice: don’t underestimate the rookie who’s supposed to rail you into the mattress. Or, in other words: experienced Porn Star, Kim Hongjoong, gets wrecked by a rookie."
    • yeah idk what to tell you. sorry for being horny on main? (ateez, nsfw)
  • The Most Evil Demon Ever
    • accidental demon summoning and single parent seonghwa, plus an unexpected poly endgame (ateez, nsfw)
  • King's Manor
    • "'You’re not human, are you, Yeosang?' 'No, Wooyoung,' Yeosang sighed, voice distant and fond, like he had been waiting for this question, 'I thought I told you- things don’t die at King’s Manor. They simply change shape.'"
    • if you, humble reader, for some ungodly reason want to read any of these, let it be this one (ateez, nsfw - cw: somno, dubcon? AKA heed tags)
  • do not disturb
    • "Minho has a fantasy; his boyfriend brings it to life."
    • AMAZING, SHOWSTOPPING, SPECTACULAR!! (stray kids, ateez, nsfw - cw: somno)
  • Mahasamadhi
    • "When Changbin returns for a visit, Jisung is sure it's a sign their religious movement will come back in full force, but things only seem to get more confusing."
    • another win for darkfic enjoyers (stray kids, nsfw - cw: noncon, cults)
  • almost home (foster family au)
    • most heartwrenching and heartwarming kidfic i've ever read (stray kids, sfw)
  • Heat
    • "Maybe he just had to accept his offer to go to his church. Just this once for Hyunjin’s birthday. Minho made a mistake."
    • SO FUCKING GOOD!! oh my god, i WORSHIP this series (stray kids, nsfw - cw: gore, religion, suicide, burning alive, everything horrible, AKA by god heed the tags)
  • the most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway is that it’s you
    • "it’s 2002 and Steve Harrington attends a wedding, a funeral, and a birth"
    • this one made me cry like a baby (stranger things, sfw)
  • Suture
    • "Eddie Munson has powers, a lot of questions, and chunks of memory missing. He doesn't ask why. He tries not to. Sometimes he can't help himself but ask."
    • such a good fan theory and a wonderful fix-it! (stranger things, sfw)
  • love, laughter, and other fine things
    • extremely! sweet and refreshingly sex-positive (ofmd, nsfw)
  • And Time Is But a Paper Moon
    • "Wei Wuxian starts again from the beginning."
    • time travel fix-it that hits all the right notes (mdzs, sfw)
  • The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper
    • introduces an original character to the mandalorian that i'm forever devastated isn't in the real show (star wars/oc, nsfw/mostly sfw)
  • Resist, Protect, Defend
    • au of an au, includes the same oc (star wars/oc, sfw)
  • If They Haven't Learned Your Name
    • "'I have an advanced healing factor. It’s fine. See? I’m standing.' 'That is not standing,' Sam tells him. 'You’re bending the IV stand,' Nurse Eunjung adds pointedly. 'Let go and sit down, they don’t grow on trees.'"
    • murder comedy? v well written murder comedy (captain america, nsfw/mostly sfw)
  • Take Me In
    • "Bucky has broken. Steve tries to pick up the pieces."
    • another one of my fics hehe (captain america, sfw)
  • Into That Good Night
    • "Steve Rogers has lived for entirely too long—long enough to see the world's end. The heroes are gone, and the Earth is pushing what's left of mankind towards the exit."
    • interstellar au slowburn (captain america, sfw - cw: body horror, ed, suicide refs)
  • Ipseity
    • winter soldier as DID - not exactly qualified to report on the accuracy, but still an amazing read (captain america, sfw - cw: graphic torture, suicide, noncon refs)
  • despite the threatening sky and shuddering earth (they remained)
    • "'Those are pins,' Steve realized. He looked over at Hill. 'The mask—it’s nailed to his face.' Hill’s face was as unmoved as ever. 'Like I said. They really didn’t want it coming off.'"
    • the infamous mask fic, one of my faves for so many reasons (captain america, nsfw/mostly sfw, cw: body horror, drug abuse)
  • Not Easily Conquered
    • without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful thing i have read on ao3 - popular for a reason (captain america, sfw)
  • Holding Your Words In My Hand
    • without a shadow of a doubt the longest thing i have read on ao3 - incredible disability representation by delving into the concept of deafblind bucky (captain america, nsfw/mostly sfw)
  • Raindrops In The Desert
    • "When Ryan offers to be Scott’s dom, the arrangement seems like a good solution to Scott’s problem. What neither of them are counting on is falling in love."
    • legitimately amazing and sex-positive, one of my favorite authors on the site (oc, nsfw)
  • But can it run Doom?
    • why of course. of course it can.